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Joining the Reaction roster isn’t a fast track to success but what we will do will set you up for a professional career in music. There are no contracts and you can stay with us for as long or short a period of time as you feel necessary. We have great contacts across the industry and have built up solid relationships with bookers, promoters, venues, PR and media not only in the UK, but across the globe.

For more detailed info, hit us up on any of the contact methods below.

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Jay’s background covers both sides of the stage, having performed in bands since the mid 90s, touring the UK & Europe. In more recent years Jay has run live events across Scotland and managed a growing stable of artists since 2014.

Roster: Arc Arrival, DMS, Salt River Shakedown, Take Today, OHNOVA, Deadfire, Black Star Jackals, Nocturne Wulf, The Rhubarb, Stay For Tomorrow, The Decadent Movement, The Dead Night, Earl Of Hell, Felix Saunders + Petty Cassettes.


Jedd is based in the Philippines and has a musical background both as an artist and as tour manager, where he has previously worked with the likes of Total Chaos, Crowned Kings, PRINS and Agamas. With a wide variety of contacts in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand, he has been running shows since 2004.

Roster: Piledriver


Dave has extensive experience in touring and performing globally, with T In The Park being a major highlight of his career. He also has an impressive recording pedigree, with Radio 1 airplay among his many achievements.

Roster: Hessian Renegade, Layaway, Elessar, A New Hope, Our City Fires + Harley & The Wolf.